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Audi Convertibles Make for Coastal Cruising

Because it Isn’t Cold Everywhere..Audi TT Convertible-(Starting at: $40,800)

Audi A5 Convertible-(Starting at: $42,000)

Much has been made of late of the multitude of positive attributes of the hardtop convertible. They are allegedly quieter, safer and can give these convertibles the look of a stylish hardtop coupe with the top up (something that is only true with the BMW 3 and Z4 hardtop convertibles). But is any of that true? Well, if you are shopping at your local Audi dealer you will no doubt find that the only convertible you will ever need is a soft top convertible as evidenced by the exemplary Audi TT roadster and Audi A5 cabriolet.

Much like the soft tops from VW Group sister-firms Porsche and Bentley, the Audi convertibles and their fabric tops afford a hushed driving environment even at freeway speeds. From behind the wheel of an Audi TT Roadster with the top up it is hard to even remember you are even driving a convertible. It really is that quiet.

As for safety both the Audi A5 and Audi TT convertibles both have reinforced roof mechanisms and roll bar devices that are either fixed or pop out in case of a rollover. And as owners of old Ford Explorers can probably tell you, a metal roof can collapse in a rollover just as easily if not engineered correctly. If there is one thing you can count on when owning an Audi, that is the fact that these cars are peerlessly engineered.

Say you want to take a nice trip down the coast with your significant other (Audi TT Roadster) and possibly two friends (Audi A5 cabriolet). If you have a hardtop convertible and want to make that drive with the top down you had all better really like the outfit you have on because you will have near zero trunk space. In an Audi convertible there is plenty of room for suitcases and shopping bags in the trunk.

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Audi Convertibles Make for Coastal Cruising
Audi Convertibles Make for Coastal Cruising

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Audi Auto Insurance for Audi Mobile

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