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American’s Best Health Insurance Plans

CHP among top five health plans in US

According to the recent rankings, American’s Best Health Insurance Plans, published by U.S. News & World Report and the National Committee for Quality Assurance, CHP is among the top five health plans in the country. In last year’s review, CHP was ranked 23rd nationally and seventh among the top plans in Florida. So currently, this is the highest combined ranking CHP has ever attained. Their plan is presently offered in Leon, Gadsden, Wakulla and Jefferson counties.

“I think these data increasingly suggest that some of the best-performing health plans are really the ones that are more connected to their communities, that are more local in scope,” said John Hogan, CHP’s chief executive. “To the extent that we are getting good results, it’s a reflection of the quality of the medical community and their willingness to work with the health plan to try to make sure patients get the things they should get,” he said, also acknowledging the work of staff and the support from private businesses and other employers who offer the plan to their workers.

In addition, Dr. Nancy Van Vessem, chief medical officer, said that these assessment results will also serve as a basis for CHP in enhancing patient care. “For instance, on the quality measures, we look and see where we are relative to the other hundreds of health plans that have reported data, and we actually set goals that are related to what we want to be, the best in the nation,” she added.

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American’s Best Health Insurance Plans
American’s Best Health Insurance Plans

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Health Insurance Quotes Medicare

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