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American Car Insurance Requirements

US car Insurance Requirement

Author: Robert Henry

All the States have different insurance requirements. All of them have minimum requirements but at the end of the day they are different from one another. Given below is the State by State minimum insurance requirement of all the States.

In the list below, the first two numbers will refer to bodily injury liability while the third number refers to the property damage liability. For instance when reading the number as 25/50/20, it would mean that in case of an accident each person injured would receive a maximum of up to $25,000 with only $50,000 allowed per accident. In this case if 2 people need $25,000 and there are more than 2 people in the accident who need this money, so who ever files first for claims will get the share of the total $50,000. You will be sued for the balance amount if you are responsible for the accident. The last number in the list would mean that you will get a maximum of $20,000 coverage per accident for property damage. Below list gives the minimum requirement levels of all the States.

Alaska 50/100/25

Alabama 20/40/10

Arkansas 25/50/15

Arizona 15/30/10

California 15/30/5

Colorado 25/50/15

Connecticut 20/40/10

Delaware 15/30/5

Florida 10/20/10

Georgia 15/30/10

Hawaii 20/40/10

Idaho 20/50/15

Illinois 20/40/15

Indiana 25/50/10

Iowa 20/40/15

Kansas 25/50/10

Kentucky 25/50/10

Louisiana 10/20/10

Maine 50/100/25

Maryland 20/40/10

Massachusetts 20/40/5

Michigan 20/40/10

Minnesota 30/60/10

Mississippi 25/50/25

Missouri 25/50/10

Montana 25/50/10

Nebraska 25/50/25

New Hampshire 25/50/25

New Jersey 15/30/5

New Mexico 25/50/10

Nevada 15/30/10

New York 25/50/10

North carolina 30/60/25

North Dakota 25/50/25

Ohio 12.5/25/7.5

Oklahoma 10/20/10

Oregon 25/50/10

Pennsylvania 15/30/5

Rhode Island 25/50/25

South carolina 15/30/10

South Dakota 25/50/25

Tennessee 25/50/10

Texas 20/40/15

Utah 25/65/15

Virginia 25/50/20

Vermont 25/50/10

Washington 25/50/10

Wisconsin 25/50/10

West Virginia 20/40/10

Wyoming 25/50/20

Although there is no hard and fast rule as to how all the different States come up with these numbers but mostly they are based on probability factors. A car in New York is more prone to an accident compared to a car in Alaska simply because of the higher population and higher probability of an accident. Since there will be that many more insurance claims so the State has set a lower limit to facilitate the insurance companies operating in the region. This is actually not always true but in most cases this pattern is followed. Besides the minimum requirements different States will monitor the insurance companies differently as regards to the taxes they pay and also the levies that they forward to their customers.

So if you are out shopping for insurance for your new car, it is very important that you make yourself aware of the minimum State requirements. Once you know this you will be in a much better position to negotiate with your insurance company and not pay extra for anything that you might not need.

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American Car Insurance Requirements
American Car Insurance Requirements

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