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Allergic to Your Used Car

Implications in New car PurchasesAs the economy continues to struggle in recovery, many families are turning to used car purchases instead of new car purchases as a way to save money and re-invest extra funds into their retirement portfolios. If you are in the market for a used car, and you live with non-seasonal allergies, there are health risks associated with purchasing a new car and it will be important to consider these points before making a used car purchase.

Non-seasonal allergies affect millions of adults each year. Modifying home environments, modifying workplace environments, and making smart used car purchases are all important to controlling non-seasonal allergy outbreaks. Unlike new cars, used cars can pose some degree of health risk and make your life more complicated as an allergy sufferer.

When looking at used cars, the first issue to be addressed is whether the prior owner was a smoker. Because many car dealerships are unable to give the prior medical history of a used car owner, purchasing a used car from an individual may be a better option. The used car seller can disclose information about their own health history and advise you as to what prior smoking history may be present with the used car. Even if the owner is not a smoker, if passengers riding in the car were smoking on a regular basis, this may be enough to warrant a non-purchase of the used car if you are afraid the smoking history may exacerbate your symptoms.

In addition to smoking history, you will also want to have the car inspected for mold or other fungi development in the air ducts of the car. Often, when making a used car purchase we ask mechanics to take a look at the used car to determine if there are any complications mechanically. In addition to this, you may want to ask for an air quality control test of the car to determine if there are any lingering mold or other elements growing within the car’s ventilation system. When found, you may want to ask the used car owner to correct those issues before the car is purchased, or deduct the cost of cleaning from the purchase price of the used car.

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Allergic to Your Used Car
Allergic to Your Used Car

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Automotive Automobile Reviews

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