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All Automotive Repair in McDonough Georgia

If you are like me, you have had a bad experience with an auto mechanic. You bring them your car when you desperately need it fixed and they take advantage of you. I have had a slightly different experience at All Automotive Repair in McDonough, Georgia. Let me share my testimonial.

All Automotive Repair is located at 1230 Meredith Park Drive in McDonough, Georgia. It is on the right off interstate 75 south next to Innovations Fitness center. The operation is first class. The building looks brand new. The office is clean with comfortable chairs. The garage is large with up-to-date machinery. Everything is clean and tidy. The technicians even wear snappy uniforms with their names on them.

They do emission testing here as well as fix cars. This place will fix your car but it won’t be cheap. They are thorough but you might pay thirty percent more than your average shade tree mechanic. I have a late model car and they were able to comprehend the electrical system enough to fix a burnt relay switch. They also fixed belts and hoses that I couldn’t. You might get a better deal from a different establishment but I doubt you would find more competent mechanics.

It also must be kept in mind when dealing with All Automotive that they are there to make money. If you tell them you have a problem they will find a solution that costs money. That is their business. I brought a car in that was acting up and just asked them to fix it. They did but it cost more than if I had just done some work myself. The problem turned out to be right out of the car manual. I paid for my laziness. Many other times, though, they have fixed things that I would never have been able to.

The owners and mechanics at All Automotive are very helpful and considerate of clients. They have let me hang around the office many times while waiting for my car. I could really get to like and trust them if I hadn’t been messed over by mechanics in the past. I am happy with them so far.

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All Automotive Repair in McDonough Georgia
All Automotive Repair in McDonough Georgia

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Automotive Automobile Reviews

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