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Advantages/Disadvantages of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

There are several advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen fuel cells. First, let’s get to the point of what a hydrogen fuel cell is. A hydrogen fuel cell is a fuel cell that combines hydrogen as a fuel and oxygen as an oxidant that interact in the honorable presence of an electrolyte. If the flow is not interrupted or destroyed then any device that uses hydrogen fuel cells can be operated for a long period of time, even infinitely.

Some of the advantages of using hydrogen fuel cells are as follows. Hydrogen fuel cells in vehicles are much more green, or energy efficient, than gasoline fueled vehicles, and are also a lot less polluting to the environment. Production in mass quantities would be very low priced because of their elementary construction. Hydrogen fuel cells combine quiet emission free batteries with internal engines, the refueling is easy once this is in place. Over all the use of the hydrogen fuel cell is a lot more environmental conscious because of its low pollutant rate and they are more efficient. Environmental protection or going ‘green’ is a big trend these days and hydrogen fuel cells are something that will help.

Unfortunately for all the advantages of hydrogen fuel cells there are also disadvantages. As of right now, the cost of producing hydrogen fuel cells is astronomical, if they were produced in mass then it would be less. I’m sorry to say that hydrogen fuel cells are losers. Yeah, that’s right, losers. They are energy losers as it’s more expensive to create hydrogen then is gained by using hydrogen cells. The electricity inaugurated by hydrogen fuel cells in automobiles currently costs thousands of dollars a kilowatt. This inconceivable number would have to drop drastically for said fuel cells to become viable.

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Advantages/Disadvantages of Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Advantages/Disadvantages of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

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