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Additional Homeowners Insurance Coverage

If you’re going to keep up with Mother Nature and her goons, you might want to put some serious thought into investing in additional homeowners insurance.

Save Your House From Pets, Pests and Mother Nature with Additional Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Homeowners Insurance
Your house is a big investment, no matter where that house happens to be. Let additional homeowners insurance keep it safe, even when your regular coverage won’t.

Tra la la la la. One day you’re rolling down the street like nothing happened, the next your home is in smithereens and you’re gearing up for a new start. Hey, that’s just how Mother Nature rolls. If you’re going to be able to roll with her, you might want to put some serious though into picking up some additional homeowners insurance.

Why, would you say, would a perfectly sane person spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on an intangible, insubstantial expense that may or may not justify the amount of money they’ve been cranking into it? If you said, “Because you might need it,” stand up and take a bow! You’re today’s winner on the insurance coverage is right!

Your house is one of the most expensive purchases you’re ever likely to make (although if you happen to be a car collector the combined cost of your garage might come close-but that’s a story for another day). Since you spent a ton of money when you bought your home in the fist place, you probably don’t want to have to spend a ton of money again to replace it if it goes tumbling to the ground courtesy of Mother Nature-but that’s exactly what you’re going to have to do if you don’t pay enough attention to your homeowners insurance coverage.

Most people never actually take the time to read what their homeowners insurance companies write on their insurance policies. It takes forever, and even when you do manage to slog through those miles and miles of paper you’re still left with the unfortunate task of trying to decipher all of their legalese. What’s important to know, however, is that no homeowners insurance policy is perfect. The only way you’re going to protect your home from absolutely everything is to wrap it all up and suspend it in one of those cool bio-dome things, and even that’s negotiable.

The good news is, you don’t have to walk around uninsured against the worst Mother Nature and her kamikaze wildlife can throw at you. Most homeowners insurance companies (and the only reason I say most instead of all is because I haven’t met all the country’s insurance carriers yet) will give you the option to add additional coverage on to your insurance policy to help plug in the gaps. Living along the San Andreas fault? Earthquake protection would probably be a pretty good idea. Taking up residence next to a wildlife park? May I strongly suggest making sure you’re covered in case the proverbial herd of elephants really does come rampaging through your house?

The bottom line is, after you’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house you don’t want to leave it vulnerable and unprotected. The only way to make sure that isn’t exactly what’s going to happen is to beef up your security (your home insurance coverage) to stand guard over whatever Mother Nature (and really, really bad luck) decide to throw your way.

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Additional Homeowners Insurance Coverage
Additional Homeowners Insurance Coverage

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House Renters & Home Owners

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