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5 Things to Check Before a Road Trip

It’s time for the beloved family road trip and everybody’s itching to get going. Better do a quick check of your car’s health first. Some discoveries can prevent “towable” experiences; others are safety issues. lt would be best to run through this five-minute checklist a week ahead of departure so you’ll have time to get the car repaired if a mechanic is needed.

Check the condition of all belts.

Broken belts are one of the most common reasons for roadside assistance calls. Replacement belts should be easy to locate and replace near your home. But the belt for your car may be tough to find depending on where you’re going. Twist the belt slightly to expose cracks or glazing. Replace any belt that is cracked, worn or delaminating.

Check for fluid leaks.
Small leaks often turn into gushers once you leave town, and that can be costly. The most common sources: the radiator, engine oil pan, transmission oil pan and hoses, power steering hoses, steering rack, and heater and radiator hoses. Use a flashlight to check for leaks. Note the color of the fluid and trace the fluid trails back to their source.

Check the tire pressure.
Low air pressure causes tires to use more gas wear faster and run hotter. Hot tires are more prone to blowout during extended highway drives. Check them all (including the spare) before you leave. Look for the correct air pressure on the decal on either the driver’s door or the door pillar lf the decal is missing,check your own manual. Always make sure the tires are cold when you check tire pressure.

Check and top off all fluids.
Wlth the engine ofl check power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, windshield washer and engine oil. Most automatic transmissions must be checked with the engine hot and running and the gearshift in “park.” Check your owner’s manual to confirm. Look for the power steering fluid level to reach the COLD mark on the dipstick.lf it’s low, check your owner’s manual and buy the rig ht fluid for your vehicle.

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5 Things to Check Before a Road Trip
5 Things to Check Before a Road Trip

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Automotive Automobile Reviews

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