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Roush Ford Mustang 427R


Roush tunes up the latest Mustang GT and hits some pretty awesome notes.

Subtlety. Some strive for it, while others light their hair on fire and run into traffic screaming. Consider the Roush 427R. At first ogle, it’s nearly indiscernible from a standard-issue Ford Mustang GT, especially finished with black paint and flat-black decals, as was ours. But turn the key and this Mustang does its best impression of one of Jack Roush’s NASCAR sleds. The noise is intoxicating. We were addicted. The throaty, hairy-chested exhaust (a $710 option you can’t afford to skip) changes the entire character of this pony car when you get on the gas, and counterbalancing subtle aesthetic mods to help the Roush strike a balance between hey-look-at-me and I’m-just-an-average-Mustang.

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Roush Ford Mustang 427R
Roush Ford Mustang 427R

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Ford Inc Compare Automotive Prices

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