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Honda Insight Review

I’ve seen the advertisements. I’ve even seen another one on the road. I own one! I drive it to work, to the store, through the cornfields of Illinois. It’s Honda’s recent incarnation to compete with the Prius. It’s the newest vehicle I’ve ever bought to date. It’s a 2010 Honda Insight.The first generation Insight was built between 2000 and 2006. This version was a three-door, two-seat hatch back. It was made primarily of aluminum and plastic to reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency. The first generation Insight had a 70 hp three cylinder engine that used Honda’s first generation Integrated Motor Assist. At the time, the Insight earned an EPA estimate of 70 mph. Only 14,000 to 18,000 first generation Insights were sold. While I’ve seen them, I’ve never had the chance to drive one.This year, Honda released the second generation Insight. This is the version that is currently sitting in my driveway. It is a 5 door hatchback that is more in line with the Toyota Prius. The second generation uses a more powerful 98 hp gas engine with Integrated Motor Assist. It also includes a new feature known as Ecological Drive Assist System. This system helps you to improve your fuel efficiency while driving by a color-coded system. The colors the system uses range from green being most efficient to blue for least efficient. It even scores your performance on each trip. When you shut your car off, it awards you a score of one to five based on how efficiently you’ve driven. The points are represented by leaves and you are scored over three levels. I’ve close to moving up to level three.

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Honda Insight Review
Honda Insight Review

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Honda Car Insurance for Automobile

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