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Toyota Yaris 5-Door Hatchback


Two more doors make this pint-sized hatch more usable, but we’d still rather use something else

With wallets hurting and fuel prices seemingly bounding back toward “expensive,” B-class econoboxes are focal points for nearly every automaker: Honda, for example, recently rolled out the second-generation Fit; Ford is gearing up to launch its much-hyped Fiesta in North America; and even Aston Martin believes its well-heeled customers are in need of a re-skinned Toyota iQ minicar to complement the six-figure supercars in their garages. Toyota was quick to offer such a car here when it replaced the dorky Echo with the only-slightly-less-dorky 2007 Yaris three-door hatchback and sedan. And despite the Yaris not being available in a more useful, five-door-hatch variant until 2009 - as well as finishing midpack in our last $15,000 small-car comparison test, behind the Fit, Nissan Versa, and Kia Rio5 - the model has been at or near the top of the segment in sales since its debut.

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Toyota Yaris 5-Door Hatchback
Toyota Yaris 5-Door Hatchback

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Toyota Automobile Motor Insurance

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