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Daewoo Nubira Review

The Korean Manufacturer’s Compact Sedan is a Rare Sight These Days: Here’s a Writeup from 2001We wouldn’t be surprised if the biggest problem Daewoo encounters as it expands in the North American market is simple name confusion. With three model lines all sporting apparently meaningless names (”Nubira” is actually Korean for “to go everywhere”), all introduced at the same time, it’s kind of hard to remember which Daewoo is the Leganza, which is the Lanos, and so on. With no frame of reference other than the imagination, the names don’t mean anything to potential buyers.

That’s easily changed with at bit of familiarity, however. To set the record somewhat straighter, the Nubira is the middle Daewoo. It’s about the size of a Dodge Neon or Saturn SL, and priced a bit below either of them. The Nubira is available in sedan and station wagon models. Major changes for 2001 are limited to ergonomic tweaks and new colors.

It’s easy to like the Nubira’s distinctive face. Daewoo’s three-element grille, which represents the stylized tree in the company’s logo, gives the small car an upscale look. A longish, flat hood and tail make the Nubira look larger than it is. It’s a good look, especially for economy car buyers who feel that a Toyota Echo is too “hip” for their tastes. We found the stacked headlight/turn signal combo to be particularly attractive. The rear view is a little less distinctive.

Inside, the appointments are par for the economy car course. The steering wheel is downmarket plastic, and the console layout has taken a page from the Toyota Camry’s book, which isn’t a bad thing. A lack of storage space inside is a bad thing, however; small cargo must be stowed in door pockets or a tiny console cubby. The seats also feel downmarket, and are reasonably hard. The door handles are also cheapish plastic, but they’re nicely sculpted to blend with the Nubira’s styling theme. With compacts like the Ford Focus and Nissan Sentra becoming increasingly plush, the Nubira runs the risk of being cheaper…and feeling like it in comparison.

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Daewoo Nubira Review
Daewoo Nubira Review

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