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13% of Lancaster Has No Health Insurance Policy

13% here lack health insurance

The federal government has recently released its town-by-town portrait of the uninsured in America and it shows that Lancaster County has not a good status.

According to the new U.S. Census Bureau snapshot released Tuesday, more than 65,000 county residents do not have health insurance coverage last year. That’s 13.1% of the 500,000 population, roughly 1 in 8 people. Statewide, 9.4% are without health insurance coverage.

“It certainly reflects changes in a recession-driven economy,” said Rosanne Placey, a spokeswoman for the insurance department, which has seen a tremendous increase in the number of low-income residents seeking Adult Basic subsidized insurance.

“If you look at our basic wait list, that has grown significantly in the last year. We now have more than 300,000 people on the waiting list, and we are able to serve fewer than 50,000″ Placey said.

The Census Bureau’s annual American Community Survey asked the health insurance question for the first time last year. The ongoing survey of about 3 million addresses every year provides one of the most complete representations of the population.

The survey’s result shows that:

- 65,138, or more than 13% of Lancaster County residents lacked health insurance coverage in 2008. Of those, 20,862 were children and teens under age 18; 42,480 were adults; and 1,796 were senior citizens.

- Only Philadelphia County, at 14.1 percent, and Crawford County near Erie, at 14.4 percent, had higher levels of uninsured residents. Bucks County, north of Philadelphia, had the lowest level of uninsured residents, at 5.9 percent.

- Statewide, nearly 1.2 million, or 9.4 percent, didn’t have health insurance. Nationwide, more than 45 million, or 15.1 percent, didn’t have coverage.

- Pennsylvania had the eighth-lowest percentage of uninsured residents of all 50 states. The state with the highest level of uninsured was Texas, at 24.1 percent. The state with the lowest number was Massachusetts, at 4.1 percent.

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13% of Lancaster Has No Health Insurance Policy
13% of Lancaster Has No Health Insurance Policy

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