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10 Tips for Traveling by Car This Thanksgiving

Holiday travel comes in lots of forms, each with their own set of precautions, problems, and perks. If you are traveling by car this Thanksgiving, there are certain preparations you can make to ensure your trip is as safe, fun, and problem free as possible. Here are 10 tips to help make your trip a positive one.

Get Your car checked. Before you leave for your trip, it is wise to get a full vehicle inspection done to make sure everything is OK with your car. These are only around $25 at Firestone. The last thing you need is for something to break down in your car and leave you stranded.

Clean Out Your car. You don’t want to be driving cross country with a bunch of trash all over the place. Clean out your car before you even hit the road and keep up with the cleaning as you go.

Pack an Emergency Kit. Unforeseeable things happen all the time, and road trips are the last place you want these to happen. Plan ahead with a solid emergency kit. This kit should include waterproof matches, flashlight, road flares, whistle, blankets (plenty of these, Thanksgiving time is usually cold, especially at night), first aide kit, jumper cables, rope, pocket knife, duct tape, tool kit, chains, a gallon of water, and a car jack. Make sure you also have a spare tire.

Frequent Seat Belt Checks. These are a must if you are traveling with children. Long car rides are uncomfortable, and seat belts certainly don’t make things any better. Children will be tempted to unbuckle themselves for a little more move around room. It is important for safety that you frequently check to make sure everyone is buckled into their seats.

Bring Some Snacks. As slow as it seems like time may go for you, it goes by even slower for children sitting still in a car mile after mile. An hour may feel like 10 to them and they will get hungry frequently. Bring along a snack pack full of healthy snacks and drinks for kids to enjoy. This will eliminate the need to make frequent food stops, however, monitor how much liquid you allow them to have, because that will increase bathroom breaks.

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10 Tips for Traveling by Car This Thanksgiving
10 Tips for Traveling by Car This Thanksgiving

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